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Everyone is looking for the best deal and when you begin looking for cheap royalty free images you will often see ads for the cheapest stock photo agencies such as PhotoSpin, Shutterstock, Dreamstime, IngImage, Fotolia and Depositphotos.

However, even the most cheap stock photo agencies still charge at a per stock photo price. If you have used regular stock photo or stock image as a buyer, you will realize that the prices are per download.

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Like so many other things the Internet has transformed the way people search for and purchase images.

The time it takes to find the right image for any project has been slashed. Because now you have the added convenience of the royalty free download. But the price from commercial studios has not necessarily gone down as a result.

Some of the big image suppliers like Getty and Corbis still provide fantastic imagery, but at a high price. The cheap royalty free images route is obviously much less expensive and there is no restriction in their usage.

Some image libraries offer a subscription service, allowing you to download as many images as you like for a fixed monthly or annual fee. And this can be great value if you’re going to use those images for financial gain.

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