refund policy

My refund policy is clear – no refunds, except in exceptional circumstances. I only offer quality products at value for money investment that lots of people like.

Here is the reason I operate a buy at your own risk policy.

While I respect and am very grateful for every one of my customers the sad truth is that just like some vendors are not honest, some buyers are not honest either.

Some scams are:

The very common buy / download / ask for a refund for no reason (done buy buyers who knew they would refund before they purchased and simply wanted to get some bonuses).

A variant is the buy, download, refund, and put it all over the black hat forums so 500 other people can get it for free as well.

These  happen fairly often and  the net result is that bonuses and extras you give end up in the hands of someone who didn’t pay for it.

Another thing that often happens is: individuals buy, then file a PayPal dispute saying they want a refund. They hope this will give them something they want for free.

Another example of an actual scam is the charge back scam. This is where a buyer buys, downloads, and without even saying a word files a credit card charge back. This is so common that credit card company’s have a name for it ‘friendly fraud’.  Unfortunately there is nothing friendly at all about it. Charge back policies for a valid reason are a great idea in principle to protect buyers, but the sad truth is that some online buyers have learned that its an easy way to cheat people as well.

I am someone who is upfront and honest and I always try to over deliver. I am clear as to what is being bought or rented so I expect each individual to make informed purchase or rental decisions.

I serve everyone with honesty and integrity knowing what I offer is a good investment in your business, health  or self development.

Thank you for your understanding of my refund policy !