Online Business Cards

Online business cards can be found all around the internet for all kinds of different prices. You can even do your own from design to printing.

Of course the main consideration when handing anyone a card is the impression you give them and leave them.

You can do everything for free online but sometimes it shows.
If you don’t feel comfortable going the do it yourself online route then perhaps you should look for a value for money provider like those on this page.

Business cards were first used in England during the 17th century to advertise a person’s trade and provide a map to the place of business. I guess an early version of Google local!

Since then the development of the humble business card has gone through some dramatic changes. They are still used as a subtle form of advertising so they should represent your enterprize in both words and design.

If you are using online business cards then you need to pay attention to this.

This online NYT piece quotes that business cards are going the way of the dinosaur. After it published, I asked my wife if she gives them out in her (non-tech) job. “Oh yeah, more now than ever,” she told me. “I’ve probably given out 500 cards in the past two years.” Oh, well. There goes that theory.

online business cards

A well-designed card is is one that the receiver wants to hang onto because it conveys important information for them.

Great cards also stand out among all the other boring cards around.

When you give out your business cards you want to have a sense of pride because they show how you and your venture are of a professional standard. Often this is not the case with self printed online business cards.

However, creating your own online business cards with a quality printing service gives you a great deal of creative control. These online sites often have a vast array of design elements and a pricing structure to suit every pocket. You also have many proven card template options that you can just add your own words and information to.

In spite of smartphones and texting the online business card is still in big demand as people realize that there is one thing technology hasn’t replaced a great introductory card.

Online cards can be purchased easily online and their benefits are clearly seen, if for example,  you are job hunting and trying to network efficiently. Or you are a venture trying to expand, A well placed card still works well.

It’s still a wonderful tool for businesses, online and offline, and of all sizes. Particularly for those types of businesses that rely on clients in order to earn an income. A well designed and made business card, will help to give yourself and your online or offline business a specific brand and make you stand out from among your competition.

The internet rather then being the death knell of them has given them a boost with the enhanced service of online business cards making them even more useful.




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  1. You mentioned the back… well,,,What about the Coloration of an Uploaded image that I would like to have it on the care with color …Do this softward obtain colors for that as well?

  2. At moment it only created black and white images, but maybe you can use other sofware that can let you create business cards with color. Yes you can print color images in this type of paper.

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