Reputation & Review Program

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Do It Yourself Reputation & Review Program

Whether you’re a small emerging business of one or an established national company your reputation and your review strategy is about the most important aspect of your business.

Because today most prospective customers/clients/patients begin their journey to your business with a web search. Regardless of how they hear about your business or what you do, the vast majority will look for reviews.

You can be at the top of the search results on every search engine – people will look at reviews.

You can spend a fortune on advertising – people will look at reviews.

You can have the best referral or incentive program there is – people will look at reviews.


Our Do It Yourself Reputation & Review Program Will Give You The Edge Over The Competition

Here is what’s included in your course.

20 bite size videos giving you everything you need to know.

  • What is online reputation and what does it mean
  • What does online reputation management involve
  • Top Reasons Every Small Business Must Perform Online Reputation Part 1
  • Top Reasons Every Small Business Must Perform Online Reputation Part 2
  • Avoiding Illegal and Unethical Customer Review Methods For Your Business
  • Why negative reviews may actually be a GOOD thing for your business
  • Deadly mistakes to avoid when handling negative reviews
  • How to handle negative online reviews about your business
  • How to handle malicious online reviews
  • How to use offline feedback forms to collect positive reviews
  • How to collect customer reviews using email marketing
  • How to collect video and photo customer reviews
  • Free ways to monitor your online reputation- Review Sites
  • Free ways to monitor your online reputation – google alerts
  • Free Tools to monitor your Social Media online reputation
  • Free ways to monitor your online reputation blogs
  • Free ways to monitor your online reputation forums and groups
  • + 3 other helpful videos.

30+ page pdf  showing you step by step how to stop hoping to get reviews and how to ask for them the right way.

You will discover …

The importance of Google my business for reputation and red hot reviews.

Effective tips for collecting as many great reviews as you desire to heighten your reputation.

The difference between bald and qualified comments for greater review success.

Where is the best places to use reviews.

The power of video reviews for an A1 reputation.

Easy to use review templates

Easy and simple ways for customers/clients/patients to review your business.

How to get existing customers to give your reviews and boost your online reputation.

How to create a special link for reviews.

How to use email and text to lift up your reputation.

How to deal with negative and fake reviews.

Which sites you need to get your reviews on for maximum impact on your reputation.

Also we give you a SPECIAL DOCUMENT that you can edit.

You can edit the document to match your website design. (Video instructions are included) Here you will create a link and send or give it to your customers/clients/patients so they can easily leave a review for your business. The document can be used throughout the web. There is also a video showing people how to leave your business reviews.

plus – FREE ACCESS To Your Current Reputation Score.

You will also receive special access to our online tool that tells you on the day what reputation you have with Google. And how you can improve it.

All of this for the small one time investment of $97

A 5 Star Reputation Invaluable