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Video production is twice every month and I have a quota of studio time. We produce on two days a month the 14th and the 28th. And as a beta marketing test I’m allocating some spots on each run to potential new clients. 

video production targetThe aim is simple … you will see for yourself … how powerful these videos are and ask us to do more for you. Some will some won’t, but hey, that’s life!

I’ve got a couple of spots for this month. The production is already paid for. (Scroll down for a few testimonials.)

So I’d like to put you in as fast action taker, for this free spot for a 60 second 5 STAR review video commercial for your business. If you don’t manage to get in the video production this time. I will put you in for next month.

The costs for a video like this one is split into video production costs, (producing the video) optimization costs (making the video search engine friendly) and syndication costs (Publish your video to social sites etc).

As I said we are going to cover the big expense of the video production costs for you. In order to get the most exposure for your video, which is the point of the production, we want a lot of people who are looking for what you have to offer to see your 5 STAR REVIEW video.

There are a lot of people who go online each month looking for a business just like yours. So we need some help with the hard costs of optimization and syndication.  As the Video below shows.


So if you can cover the fixed costs we will take care of all the production costs for you.
I’m sure you’ll understand that this has to be done on a first come first served basis and is extremely popular because of the tremedous value it offers. However, if you miss the cut we will place you on the list for the following month.

The fixed costs are …
Optimization &  Syndication   $197

Tuition on how to get an unlimited supply of 5 star reviews for your business is complementary.

YES – I want To Apply For A Spot.

NO – I don’t need reviews.

How the service works

The figures have grown since 2014 when this video was made.

People Just Love The Service video production online.